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What's New

Announcement of Termination of Ocean Dome Operations on October 1, 2007

The indoor water park Ocean Dome at Phoenix Seagaia Resort will be closed as of Monday, October 1, 2007.

Operation of the Ocean Dome started at the same time as the grand opening of Phoenix Seagaia Resort on July 30, 1993, and it will soon be celebrating its fifteenth anniversary. Thanks to broad support, we have succeeded in greeting our 10 millionth customer last year and are extremely grateful for the patronage and cooperation of our customers, which has made this possible.

While renovating existing facilities, we have inaugurated new services at the Phoenix Seagaia Resort during the past five years, including the onsen Shosenkyu, a hot spring facility, the Banyan Tree Spa, a pioneer Asian spa brand, and the Phoenix Golf Academy, a natural grass golf training facility, targetted to ensure pleasant and comfortable resort experiences which are better positioned to address the needs of our customers, all of which have been well received.

We are furthermore moving ahead with new projects and plans (Discover Miyazaki Shuttle, etc.), so that our customers can fully enjoy the charm and superb environmental location of Phoenix Seagaia Resort and Miyazaki Prefecture.

Currently, Miyazaki Prefecture is calling attention to the campaign “Cooperate in creating a new Miyazaki through the combined strength of the local citizens!” , which conveys its intention to achieve total rejuvenation in all respects, through public and private sector collaboration. The Phoenix Seagaia Resort will continue to offer proposals for various programs and events, while contributing to the tourism in Miyazaki Prefecture, through its further efforts to develop and convey new appeal.