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Project Progress Report

Here at the Phoenix Seagaia Resort, we strive everyday to make this Japan's first "international destination resort," right here in beautiful Miyazaki.

I consider Phoenix Seagaia Resort's location to be a great advantage in our drive to become Japan's first international destination resort. As we work toward this goal, we are taking great strides to make Seagaia a world-class resort that shows pride in and respect for the culture and traditions of Miyazaki and Japan. We are happy to welcome guests from around the world with an international standard of hospitality, but we are especially proud to have them come here to gorgeous Miyazaki to enjoy our world-class service.

With the harmony of a wonderful hot spring nestled in pine groves, the all-day international dining of The Pine Terrace, and Toyotama's gourmet cuisine made from local ingredients so select and rare that one would be hard-pressed to find them even here in Miyazaki, the opening in October of Shosenkyu will be a great step in our drive to attract guests from around the world. The chefs of both restaurants take pride in their creations and in using Miyazaki's famous foods to create dishes that are both succulent and surprising.

The world-famous Banyan Tree Spa will also open a pavilion in Shosenkyu, allowing guests to enjoy world-class relaxation and therapy while basking in the natural beauty of Miyazaki.
Shosenkyu, the complex of facilities at Phoenix Seagaia Resort, and a wonderful staff - these three invaluable elements combine to create Japan's first "international destination resort."
Here at the Phoenix Seagaia Resort, now enhanced by Shosenkyu, we look forward to your visit and the chance to serve you.


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