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Sheraton Grande Ocean Resort

Located in northeastern part of Miyazaki City, on the Hitotsuba Coast, in the very center of the international Phoenix Seagaia Resort, a 154-meter tower of a skyscraper hotel dominates the landscape. This is the Sheraton Grande Ocean Resort. You can enjoy a magnificent view of the Pacific Ocean from all 743 rooms.



Sun Hotel Phoenix

Surrounded by a sea of trees and foliage and located on the magnificent Hitotsuba Pacific Coast, the Sun Hotel Phoenix is a quiet, established hotel with 290 rooms. Within a short walk of the Phoenix Country Club, the site of the Dunlop Phoenix Tournament, the Sun Hotel Phoenix offers total satisfaction for even the most demanding of golf fans.


Luxze Hitotsuba

A condominium hotel perfect for long-term stay guests, its 142 rooms are equipped with domestic furnishings like a living room, a dining room, a bathroom, and a kitchen. The Luxze Hitotsuba mixes Japanese and Western tastes to create a truly relaxing living space, and the view of the ocean from the balcony of your own room just cannot be beat.


Cottage Himuka

Adjacent to the Luxze Hitotsuba are, some free-standing little houses with well-kept gardens nestled among the black pine trees and some group lodging units. They comprise this 14-wing, 72-room resort cottage complex. We offer Family Type cottages that feature a mixture of Japanese- and Western-style, as well as 8-person and 4-person Group Type cottages.