After completing a long, hard working week,
You deserve to enjoy a relaxing time at this restaurant.

Restaurant TATSUYA KAWAGOE produces cuisines with the theme of ‘Italian with no genre’. The restaurant as a place of healing offers dinner menus that will have their guests understand why eating out is so much fun. Their lunch menus are designed for mainly housewives and other females to make them excited. Along with the breathtaking landscapes from the 42nd floor of the hotel, please enjoy meals at TATSUYA KAWAGOE MIYAZAKI that are designed based on ideas related to Miyazaki.

Profile of Tatsuya Kawagoe

Kawagoe was born on March 7, 1973 at Kunitomi-cho, Miyazaki Prefecture. After working for restaurants at Osaka and Tokyo, he opened an Italian restaurant in 2000 called TIARA K RISTORANTE, which was relocated in 2006 to Daikanyama, Tokyo with a new name “TATSUYA KAWAGOE”.
Although Kawagoe is a busy man as the reservation list of his restaurant is filled up to the next three month, he enthusiastically takes various roles such as a food coordinator, author, cooking class instructor, and appearance on TV. As a bearer of food culture of his hometown Miyazaki, Kawagoe opened TATSUYA KAWAGOE MIYAZAKI in Sheraton Grande Ocean Resort in December 2011.

“I would love to be a part of Team Miyazaki, which theme is to support local food culture of Miyazaki. We distribute the culture from our restaurant in Sheraton Grande Ocean Resort,” said Kawagoe passionately. He also said, “It is a big challenge for me, too. To gain confident in food culture of Miyazaki, I try to make my restaurant friendlier for people in the prefecture, and to make people in the other Kyushu area feel jealous about the restaurant.”


Vegetable gardens in the sky

Using more than 20 kinds of colorful vegetables and herbs, this Bagna càuda was designed with the idea of vegetable gardens spread in the sky.

You can enjoy this menu, very popular at TATSUYA KAWAGOE in Daikanyama in Tokyo, as a menu in the lunch / dinner course.

  • * A single order is not accepted.
  • * The menu is not available for a group dinner, mother’s groups, and female lunch groups.

Celebration plate

The celebration place is designed with your message and illustration. A reservation can be made for your special occasion and celebration.

Dinner course menu

Would you like to enjoy dinner at TATSUYA KAWAGOE MIYAZAKI for your anniversary and celebration along with the nightscapes of Miyazaki.

Price / Adult ¥ 6,500

Shop Information

Location 42nd floor of Sheraton Grande Ocean Resort
Business Hour Lunch 11:30-14:30 (orders closes at 14:15) Dinner 18:00-22:30 (orders closes at 14:15)
Business Hour(5/15~6/30) Outlet Closed
Reservation Reservations are accepted three months prior to a reservation day.
Notes No smoking
The dress cord – smart and casual clothing. Guests wearing short pants, sweat pants, and beach sandals are not allowed to seat in the restaurant.

Reservation / Contact

Phone : 0985-21-1148 (Direct number)

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