Play in the Ocean

Surf school experience tour

Price ¥16,000 (spectator: ¥3,000) Discount: One spectator is for free with two or more participants.
Location Nichinan area – Aoshima Beach – Kizakihama and the surrounding areas (around the Hitotsuba area)
Business hours Morning: 9:00 - 12:00 or Afternoon: 14:30 – 17:00 (the times may change depending on seasons)
Minimum number required One up to five (including participants due to the condition of a vehicle for transfer)
Eligibility Anyone 8 years old or older can participate in the lesson. (Those under 18 years old are required for an agreement form of their parents)
What to bring Swim suit, towel, sandals, bags for wet staff, (sunscreen if needed)

* Children under 15 years old must be accompanied by their parents (this applied even when they are spectators)

Notes : We do not bear any responsibilities for the damage, loss, and robbery of participants’ belongings. For safety reasons, please do not bring a large amount of cash, valuable goods, etc., with you.

Fishing Tour

Come and enjoy fishing in the Pacific Ocean! You don't need to bring anything!

Price Junior high school student and older ¥16,000 (minimum number required 4 people)
Location Off the Seagaia coast, Off Miyazaki Port
Business hours For 5 or 6 hours between sunrise and sunset
Minimum number required Four people or more
Meeting point The fishing shop near the Miyazaki Port

* No transfer service is available (15 minutes by car from Seagaia to The shop)

Pacific Ocean Cruising

Go for a cruise on the Pacific with the Hyuga-nada Sea stretching out before your eyes.
Route / Aoshima Fishers Port -> Seagaia / Off the coast of Aoshima, etc.

Boat cruise (2 hours)
   Per person ¥10,000 / 14 people (minimum number of participants required: 4)

Boat hiring
• 4 hours / ¥50,000
• 8 hours / ¥80,000

14 people (minimum number of participants required: 2)

Sunset cruise (2 hours)
   Per person ¥10,000 / 14 people (minimum number of participants required: 4)

* No transfer services are available (it takes 40 minutes by car from Seagaia to Aoshima Port)

* Children under 4 years old are not allowed to be onboard.


  • • Each program is run by a different organizer.
  • • Purchase of a domestic travel insurance is strongly recommended prior to participating in a program with high risks..
  • • Reservations are essential to be placed a day or two days prior to a tour day (depending on a program). The reservation is accepted on a first-come first-served basis.
  • • The indicated prices are for per person including taxes.
  • • Cancellations fees may be required for any cancellations due to any circumstances of the participants.
After 8PM two days before a tour day till 8PM a day before a tour day 50%
After 8PM two days before a tour day till a tour day 100%
  • • The tour may be cancelled or the details may change due to the lack of the number of participants, unexpected circumstances of the tour organizer, the weather, etc.
  • • Please consult us if you wish to experience the program on an unscheduled date. You must have the minimum number of participants required or more.
  • • The details of the program may change during special period including over the Christmas and New Year holidays, spring holiday, Golden Week, summer holiday, etc. Please check it in advance.
  • * There may be a delay to respond to your reservations / inquiries via email.
  • * Please give us a call for any urgent matters including reservations and inquiries, cancellations and changes being made within three days prior to a tour day.

Sheraton Grande Ocean Resort Activity Center

Hamayama Yamasaki-cho, Miyazaki City, Miyazaki Prefecture

Business hours / 8:00~18:00
(It opens till 20:00 a day before a holiday or a busy period)

Phone : 0985-21-1324 E-mail :