Japanese restaurant with a serene interior of Japanese taste.

Despite its location being in the Seagaia Convention Center, Japanese restaurant Shikino has a serene atmosphere with its Japanese interior.
Along a path with a Japanese atmosphere are eight tatami-rooms (including two with hori-kotatsu heating tables), which are from a large room with 115 tatami mats to a room with 24 tatami-mats.
We hope you enjoy relaxing moments with your family and colleagues in a calm space with heartwarming cuisines.


Japanese course meal plan

Lunch ¥5,940 / Dinner ¥8,316

Yuino (engagement ceremony) plan

This kaiseki (tea ceremony cuisine) course offers a variety of local vegetables and seafood of Miyazaki.

Our head chef prepares meals for your important celebration.

Price ¥8,400 per person

  • * Please let us know if you are allergic to any food.

Houyou Memorial plan (for funeral)

We organize a plan that cater for your needs and the number of guests.

Japanese course menu

Price per person / ¥5,000, ¥7,500, ¥10,000

Kaiseki Lunch Box plan

Price ¥4,000 per person

Room Rate

Price ¥10,800

  • * Please let us know if you are allergic to any food.

Shop Information

Location 3rd Floor of Seagaia Convention Center

Reservation / Contact

Phone : 0985-21-1062